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Note : You must REINSTALL system, CAN'T upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 Pro directly. Permanent and Authorized, 1 PC, 32/64 Bit. Windows 11 Professional Buy Windows 11 Pro Professional Key Global, to get all the features of Windows 11 Pro Windows 11 System Requirements The Changes From Windows 10 – Higher RAM And Better Security On Windows 11 The minimum requirements listed below have changed in a few main areas:

  • 1key/1pc
  • 32/64 BIT
  • Instent dilevry
  • All language
  • Updatable
  • Lifetime Activation


the amount of RAM required has increased from 2GB to 4GB. Secondly, whilst the clock speed of your CPU won’t need to be any higher, it will now need to have at least two cores and be 64-bit (32-bit is no longer an option). Some older CPUs that meet these requirements are unfortunately also no longer compatible with Windows 11 – you can see a full list of these here. Thirdly, the amount of HDD space you will need at a minimum has increased from 16GB to 64GB, though Microsoft has stated that this may increase over time when updates are made to the operating system. The WePC recommendation is that you set aside 100GB on your hard drive. Fourthly, and this is the thing which may catch the most people off guard, is that users will need to have both a processor that is fitted with a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip, of at least version 2.0. and a motherboard whose firmware supports a UEFI, Secure Boot capable BIOS. Both of these features are, in Microsoft’s view, crucial to boosting the security of your machine, which is something the company is putting increasing priority on with Windows 11. Users running on older CPUs, such as processors older than the Intel 8th Gen / AMD Zen 2 / Qualcomm 7 & 8 Series, will likely come across a ‘TPM 2.0 not found’ error, and those running on older motherboards may lack UEFI secure boot. Finally, you will apparently only be able to run Windows 11 on a screen that has at least 720p resolution, that is of at least 9″ in size and has 8-bit color channels. For the vast majority of users, none of these should be a problem, unless you ar running off an especially old CRT monitor.

In short, the power needs of Windows 11 are no greater than those of Windows 10, however it does require more up-to-date hardware that comes with certain features. Despite these changes, the vast majority of people who have bought a PC in the last 7+ years will have no problems in running Windows 11, particularly if you have a desktop gaming PC with even a low-level CPU or GPU. Even the majority of tablet users should really have no problems in running Windows 11, though if you have a particularly old piece of kit you may want to check the below system requirements to make sure.

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4 reviews for WINDOWS 11 Pro Key 32/64 BIT License

  1. Kelly J.

    Almost instantly delivered and comes with good helpful instructions. Very nice and helpful vibes

  2. Lori T.

    This company gives great directions to install windows 11. Wonderfu! Thank You.

  3. Marisol J.

    Purchased Microsoft Windows 11 download version. Came with clear and concise instructions and made the upgrade simple. Thanks!

  4. Walter R.

    I received the key in literally a few minutes. I followed the detailed instructions and had a successful installation with no issues. So I went and bought another key and upgraded another PC. Same system, same result. Highly recommended.

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